October 29, 2010

DJ Premier's Thunderstorm

D·J Pre·mier - "Christopher Edward Martin (born March 21, 1966 in Houston, Texas), better known by his stage name DJ Premier (also known as Preem, Premo, or Primo for short), is an American record producer and DJ, and was the instrumental half of the hip hop duo Gang Starr, together with the late MC Guru. Born and raised in Houston, he has lived in Brooklyn, New York, for much of his professional career. Rolling Stone magazine identified Premier as arguably Hip Hop's greatest producer of all time." (Source Wikipedia)

What more can you say about this man? A living legend. Not only one of the greatest icons in the history of the Hip Hop movement, but possibly one of the greatest musical minds in the history of modern music.

The Thunderstorm Radio Show aired during one of the true golden ages of hip hop, the mid-90s (some argue the greatest era), on WBLS 107.5FM. A testament to his brilliance, the Thunderstorm, showcases Primo's flawless wizardry on the wheels of steel, as well as, his truly uncanny ear for that dope beat...

Three choice selections below, check out these and much, much more dopeness on DJ Premier's MixCloud. Also keep an eye on Preemo's latest by bookmarking the Official DJ Premier Blog. Word on the street (aka the internet) is that Preem is collaborating on a new album with, the one and only, Pete Rock!!!

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